Welcome to Blues Tone guitars
I’m Stu Eadie .

There are two types of ‘custom’ guitar builders.
There are those  that tell you they are custom , but all
you are able to customise are hardware,  pickups and colour.

Then there’s the ‘full custom style of build’.
I pride myself  on being ‘full custom’ to the point where you choose all options, and I mean all build parameters from body shape to preferred method of construction.  During the build process you are virtually in the workshop as your custom guitar is created to your aesthetic and design specifications.
I provide updates as they occur in emailed photos.
Why?  Because this is your custom build and I want you to be a part of every step of the process so the end result is unique to you and to your exact requirements.
The truth is it’s not just about the end product, it is also about the journey , and the one on one custom approach to a build.

Handcrafted  in  Perth , Australia

No new orders are being taken on currently.